Langham Pilates

Custom Built Body Work

Langham Pilates: private Pilates sessions taught on Pilates apparatus. I tailor each session using your body, your goals, and your personality as my inspiration, giving you the best experience you can have learning the Pilates Method.

I teach Pilates.


Why I'm different:

I don't just teach Pilates exercises and hope they give you results, I choose specific movements based on an assessment of your body imbalances, and an in-depth knowledge what movements will best strengthen and support your unique musculature and skeleton. I base each session not only on your body but your personality, and what makes a session fun and effective for you.


My Experience:

Pilates is my career. You living life with a healthy body is my passion. I have been instructing clients in Pilates for over 5 years, and learning to help my clients through their injuries, surgeries, aches and pains, frustrations, and helping them achieve their goals for strength, endurance, flexibility and wellness has been the happiest time of my life. I do not teach Pilates because I think some guy named Joseph Pilates figured it all out, I teach it because working one on one with my clients and teaching them to create the bodies they want, and love the bodies they have, makes my days happier.  

The passion I have for my job and for helping each of my clients (who all have drastically different bodies and lives), drives me to keep myself educated on the newest innovations in fitness and functional movement science. I have had the privilege to work with and earn from some of the best master instructors in New York, and happily introduce new methods and teachings into my sessions to address your unique body's needs.

I have been certified in a 600 hour Pilates Apparatus and Mat course at The Lab (formerly The Fitness Guru) in Brooklyn, NY by second generation instructor Lawson Harris. In addition to my initial Pilates instruction certification, I am also a certified TRX instructor, certified in pre and post-natal Pilates, have learned under the guidance of the amazing Lesley Powell, and have completed the 6 day cadaver dissection workshop with the incredible Gil Hedley.



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