Session Options

01. One-On-One

An hour long session to achieve your goals using Pilates apparatus, mat work and any props needed. We will balance where you are in that hour in that day with where you are in your journey and you’ll leave feeling connected to your body and energized and also relaxed.
$70 per hour

02. Duets

An hour long session with a friend. Encouraging and challenging each other brings fun energy to duets. It is recommended that duet partners be of similar levels to help each other progress fastest. Using apparatus, mat and props, engage muscles and find your core as a team.
$50 each per hour




The Pilates apparatus are tools to challenge and support your body. Imagined by a weirdo, invented by a visionary, and used by future generations of movement professionals to physical therapists, the Pilates apparatus are practical, effective, and fun.


Lifting yourself off the floor and overcoming the Earth’s pull of gravity is a lot harder than we think, it turns out. Tuning in with what we are working with with no distractions is as beneficial as all the yogis say it is.


Balls, rings, rollers and more: adding little and big things to challenge and train dexterity, balance, coordination, and discover muscles we honestly had no idea were in there are some of the benefits of props.