Custom Body Work / Private Sessions

Custom Built Body Work

Private sessions designed with your goals in mind, guided with thoughtful and precise instruction.


Pilates is not “the answer.” There is no one holy grail of fitness, I’m not a guru. I am someone with the experience and knowledge to both guide and motivate you.”



Your Needs & Goals
Determine Your Program


Not only is your body is completely unique, but the way you use it to inhabit your space is equally singular and requires a movement system developed for its needs.

Once we collaborate on your program, you’ll receive the guidance, motivation and support necessary to keep you on a clear path to your next level of fitness.


Let’s get your body where you want it to be.

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The Instructor

Lifelong dancer and mover, Crystal has been practicing Pilates for over twenty years, and instructing others in Pilates and encouraging healthy movement for almost ten years.
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The Studio

Private and calm, the studio is equipped with everything we’ll need to reach your goals, find your focus and have fun in the process.